Honda Accord 2.0T Vs. Ford Mustang 2.3T Drag Races Yield Interesting Results

All you have to do to believe it is look at that parachute attached to the back end, as that alone is the only thing that gives it away, from what we can tell anyway. The ultra-powerful ‘Stang lined up at the start line next to a Nissan GT-R for a good old quarter-mile battle, and according to the description of the clip, it has embraced its turbocharged side.

The new output and torque remain a mystery, apparently, but we are likely looking at a vehicle that boasts way over 1,000 horsepower, and perhaps close to 2,000 hp. What makes us say that? Well, that would be its ability to run the quarter mile in a little over 8 seconds.

That’s right, this is an 8-second car, which makes it faster than the official 1/4-mile record holder for production vehicles, the fabulous 1,914 horsepower battery-electric Rimac Nevara, with its 8.582 seconds at 167.51 mph (269.58 kph).

At this point, you might think that its ad-hoc rival, the Nissan GT-R, did not stand a chance against it, right? Wrong, because the Godzilla in question features a lot of mods too. In fact, the Japanese supercar was only a hair slower than the fabulous Mustang, so this was truly a photo-finish race.

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