Used Volkswagen Golf GTI For Sale In Blackville, SC

So to start this off, I own a 2017 VW GTI in SE trim, with the performance package, 6 speed manual transmission, and leather interior. I bought it used with 28,000 miles. I use it as a daily driver for my hour long commute to work and occasionally take it to the local racetrack for track days. As a commuter car, it's ride is a little harsh because of the performance pack's stiffer springs, but that helps with the racing and overall it is still very comfortable. When driving reasonably I have peaked with 48.7 miles per gallon AVERAGE (WITHOUT HAVING AN ECO MODE!) over a one hour and 15 minute drive, but in the 6,000 miles ive owned the car (including racing), my overall average for ownership is right at 32mpg. As for performance goes, it is NOT a straight line speed car. Its much quicker than you would expect it to be, beating some r/t and 392 v8 chargers/challengers on quick 'zero to speed limit' pulls, but again without modification its not spectacularly fast. But this car is AMAZING for cornering, that is hands down where you will have the most fun in this car. I still have the OEM Hankook tires on it and even though they're a basic all season, this car has some phenomenal grip. Normal highway onramps and offramps you can reasonably do double, sometimes close to triple the recommended speed. Maintenance is typical german car standard; expect routine maintenance to be reasonable, but big jobs will be a lot more expensive than American or Asian cars of similar style. The upside though is if you keep up with regular maintenance, you should have very few problems. Change your oil religiously to oem standards and you'll avoid many problems as so many systems on the engine are run off oil pressure, including the timing which is very important for VW engines. The interior is very understated and everything has a place, all of the materials feel very nice and well made. The infotatiment has quite a few options and features, it's definitely worth taking some time to learn it. Overall it is very intuitive and easy to navigate. Android auto/Apple car play is not wireless on this model year, but works phenomenal and I have grown to only use that for my media and navigation. Being a 2017, this is offered with drive modes and normally the GTI has Eco, Normal, Sport, and Custom. Being a performance pack you get Big brakes, stiffer suspension, a few more horsepower, and a sport display including various temperature gauges, a g force gauge, and a boost gauge. The performance package GTI does NOT have an eco mode, but in Normal mode its still very efficient. The drive modes change throttle response, engine noise, steering response, and suspension feel. Honestly, I'd buy this car over and over again if given the chance. If you're considering it, go drive one and take some corners quickly, you'll fall in love. Its practical, reasonably quick, and very very easy to live with every day.

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